Current state

Buliding is located in Tychy , 23 Dojazdowa Street.

Purpose and fitting of the building

The former warehouse for bus and automotive spare parts. Four floors of 4,2m high (inner construction diameter 3,6m). A loading platform is located alongside south facade. There are some exterior steel emergency staircases on the east- and west side facades. The interior staircase and two passenger and goods lifts (lifting capacity up to 3200 kg) are located in the central part of the building. Fork lift truck type EV-210 can be used in the building.

Technical parameters

Pillars 6x6m

width 18,7m

length 67,1m

height 16,5 m

Usable area

Total 4930 m2
built-up space 1378,6 m2
cubic capacity  2398 m3


Reinforced concrete framework construction.

Carrying framework, ceilings, facade boards made of BWP-71 system prefabricated materials.  Non cellared building. Roof-ceiling with a gradient of 5%. There are pillars inside the building: 6 x 6 m module. Three modules across, eleven longwise.